The  Flight Risk Assessment Tool (FRAT) is a tool developed by the  Malibu M-Class Owners and Pilots Association (previous name for PMOPA) to aid the PA-46 pilot community in assessing flight risks unique to the Piper PA-46 (Malibu, Matrix Mirage/M350, JetPROP, Meridian/M500, and M600 aircraft).

The pilot fills out a questionnaire about their upcoming flight and the MMOPA FRAT provides a score and one of three possible ranges:

  • Green: Lower risk. The pilot/crew should still discuss what the highest scoring risks are and attempt to mitigate those risks.
  • Yellow: Caution. Try to mitigate some of the higher scoring items to reduce risk. If the score is still yellow, the FAA recommends the pilot bring in the opinion of a designated safety person (such as a CFI) to help think of ways to further mitigate risks or cancel the flight.
  • Red: No-go. Unless the risks can be mitigated, the flight is cancelled.