The Piper M-Class Owners & Pilots Association (PMOPA) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the interests and safety of owners and pilots worldwide who fly PA-46 derivative (Malibu, Mirage, Meridian, M-Class, JetPROP and Matrix) aircraft. PMOPA was founded in 1988, and now serves 1,200 members. Membership is available to any registered or prospective owner and/or operator of qualified aircraft or any qualifying individual or organization involved with or providing a service for the PA-46 family of aircraft. PMOPA is not affiliated with the Piper Aircraft or any other manufacturer/vendor.

The PMOPA.COM website is a member benefit of the Piper M-Class Owners and Pilots Association. Feel free to browse around our website. Access to portions of this website is limited to registered members. The comments, articles, stories, suggestions, letters, and information contained in this Web site are the personal opinions of the contributor and should not be construed as official policy or commentary of PMOPA.

If you have questions or wish to learn more about membership please contact PMOPA’s CEO, Mike Nichols, at [email protected]. Or if you wish to become a member, simply register online HERE.

A Brief History

In 1983, Piper certified the first line of the PA-46 airframe – the 310P Malibu. By 1989, realizing the need for organization in sharing knowledge and experience, several Malibu owners had begun consulting with executive directors of existing clubs. Then, in May of that year, the first PA-46 in-flight airframe break-up occurred, followed by 5 more in 1990. Finally, on March 17th, 1991, Malibu N9112K exited a thunderstorm in pieces over Florida, causing 4 fatalities and prompting the FAA to issue Emergency AD 91-07-08, severely limiting the use of the PA-46 aircraft.

Later that same year, a meeting was organized in Atlanta, GA of potential board members for a new Malibu Mirage Owners & Pilots Association. Meanwhile, an ad hoc organization called The Malibu Coalition was established to foster dialog with those at the FAA responsible for the AD. The coalition was spearheaded by an Executive Committee and represented the interests of all PA-46 pilots and owners before the FAA and the NTSB.

A year later, the continued efforts of those with The Malibu Coalition paid off when the results of a Special Certification Review were announced, in which the PA-46 and autopilot were again returned to compliance with regulations. 60 recommendations from the NTSB were announced. And 4 new ADs were issued, rescinding the original.

After saving the PA-46 from regulatory and financial ruin, the Malibu Coalition dissolved in 1992, donating its remaining resources to a young PMOPA whose aim it would be to defend against future threats to membership aircraft.

To learn more about the history of PMOPA and those responsible for it and the PA-46’s success, please check out past PMOPA President Jon Sisk’s presentation of “The History of MMOPA.”


The PMOPA has a board of directors that is made up of PA-46 owners and community members. 

  • John Granmayeh, President
  • John Walters, Vice President
  • Victor Rivas, Secretary/Treasurer 
  • Ryan Oltman, Past President
  • Thomas Arnold, Board Member
  • Manny Casiano, Board Member, SEF Chairman
  • Kim Coryat, Board Member
  • Mike Nichols, PMOPA CEO
  • Steve Nunn, Board Member


PMOPA’s principal purpose is to educate, train and keep the owners and operators of Malibu and M-Class aircraft informed as to all issues relating to the safety and operation of these aircraft. For more information, see the complete PMOPA Bylaws.


The PMOPA website forums are one of the most valuable member benefits and an excellent means of sharing valuable information among the entire association. Our goal in providing and managing the forum is to optimize its benefit to all our members with freedom of expression within a structure of respect for others through a published protocol. The following guidelines are provided to encourage widespread member participation and benefit: Forum Protocol