Introducing PMOPA

The Piper M-Class Owners & Pilots Association (PMOPA) Is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to the Interests and safety of owners and pilots of Piper PA-46 aircraft worldwide. Formerly MMOPA, PMOPA was founded in 1988, and now serves over 1,500 members. Membership is available to any registered or prospective owner and/or operator of qualified aircraft or any qualifying individual or organization involved with or providing a service for the M-Class family of aircraft.

Safety, Advocacy and Community

At PMOPA, we believe in three core values: safety, advocacy, and community.

Safety – Our commitment to safety is unwavering as we promote the safe and professional operation of the Piper PA-46. PMOPA provides programming, events, tools and resources to help owners operate their aircraft in the safest manner possible. We all share in this responsibility. 

Advocacy – PMOPA represents the best interests of the Piper M-Class community, and the General Aviation community at large.

Community – We strive to foster meaningful social connections and friendships among our members, as we believe these relationships are essential to creating a thriving community, with the Piper M-Class as our common thread. 

The Benefits of Membership

Becoming a member grants you access to all that MMOPA offers! Once you are registered as a member, you’ll have full access to one of the strongest owner’s pilots associations along with a community like no other...

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What's an M-Class?

The Piper PA-46 model of aircraft is the M-Class. PMOPA represents all owners and operators - and those interested in these airplanes - of Piper PA-46 aircraft, including the Malibu, Mirage, Matrix, M350, JetPROP, Meridian, M500, M600, and M600/SLS. 

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Please take less than 10 minutes to respond to our new Insurance Survey before December 15, 2023. Your answers will help PMOPA better represent our community before insurance underwriters. 

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