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West Coast Regional Event - Altitude Chamber Training
Friday, October 18, 2024, 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM MST
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PMOPA's West Coast Regional Event will be a unique, yet important and impactful safety event: a full-day Altitude Chamber Training.

PMOPA will hold a private, members-only high altitude chamber hypoxia course at the Del E. Webb facility in Mesa, AZ. This full one-day course  encompasses an aviation physiology ground lesson and chamber flight to 25,000ft. The flight includes a hypoxia demonstration at altitude, followed by a night hypoxia and visual acuity demonstration at 18,000ft, and concludes with a rapid decompression. Upon successful completion, all participants will receive a certificate of completion and/or training transcript (upon request). The training is WINGS credit eligible.

To attend, all participants must complete and submit a Medical Questionnaire and a Waiver, be in good health, possess an FAA first, second, or third class medical certificate and bring it with them to training. NOTE: Basic Meds are not accepted by Arizona State University for this course.

  • The course begins at 08:00 and concludes at approximately 17:00
  • No alcohol may be consumed within 12 hours of arriving for training
  • Strenuous physical activity is prohibited for 12 hours following the course
  • If arriving via private aircraft, please note that the cabin pressure must be at or below 10,000ft if you are departing immediately following the course. There are no restrictions after 12 hours.
  • If you are experiencing congestion, coughing, or fever within 14 days of training, please refrain from attending and call us to inquire about a later training date
  • Participation inside the chamber will not be permitted without a valid medical certificate
This program is limited to 12 registrants from the PMOPA membership. 

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